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Lol the voice work was pretty good, especially Homer

Great idea, I loved the Castle Crashers mix. The dialogue was sharp and swift, though the voice did get a bit irritating imo. Awesome toon man, well done.

Also if your looking for any music; For future projects id be happy to assist :)

This is great, i loved the art style it looks like a massive amount of work went into this. I liked the twist at the end too.

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Hey, congrats on the game! This is a simple and fun concept and I like the theme(i'm a sucker for anything Halloween lol). Its far from perfect, and I hope you add more eventually but for now this works as a quick little game with a kick ass name lol.

jenninexus responds:

Heya !!! Thanks for playing & glad you played and thought it was fun - thanks for taking the time to leave a review too. Looking forward to future renditions and learning more about how to write code :-D

Very interesting idea for a game, i liked it. Great project guys keep up the solid work.

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Groovy as hell, i love the mellow background chords. Nice work!

Sounds really nice, great organic atmosphere. Really solid chord progressions and chorus. Some of the samples sound a bit stiff in places such as the kick and guitar though it's just me being picky. I like the plucky picking of the guitar especially in the beginning sounds really great. The bittersweet mood swings the song takes is well done too, especially transition into the upbeat chorus from the more sordid moments like in the bridge at around 4mins. I really dug the song as a whole, keep it up!

Good one!

JohnnyGuy responds:

Thank you!

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I dig the concept's surreal and psychedelic nature. It's not the prettiest thing i've looked at but i like the otherworldy world building like stepping into another dimension on LSD. Cool work!

Excellent! I assume you've seen the animated film already, if not its definitely worth a watch. One of my favorites, i hope they make a sequel eventually.

JabberHawk responds:

Oh I've seen the animated series alright, and yes I hope so too.

Stunning! Really great work

Sabretooth2611 responds:

Thank you :3

Wannabe Video Game Music Composer from Canada. For hire, DM or Contact me at ParanoidHuman0id@yahoo.ca for any music inquiries

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