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Lol the voice work was pretty good, especially Homer

Great idea, I loved the Castle Crashers mix. The dialogue was sharp and swift, though the voice did get a bit irritating imo. Awesome toon man, well done.

Also if your looking for any music; For future projects id be happy to assist :)

This is great, i loved the art style it looks like a massive amount of work went into this. I liked the twist at the end too.

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Hey, congrats on the game! This is a simple and fun concept and I like the theme(i'm a sucker for anything Halloween lol). Its far from perfect, and I hope you add more eventually but for now this works as a quick little game with a kick ass name lol.

jenninexus responds:

Heya !!! Thanks for playing & glad you played and thought it was fun - thanks for taking the time to leave a review too. Looking forward to future renditions and learning more about how to write code :-D

Very interesting idea for a game, i liked it. Great project guys keep up the solid work.

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Gorgeous sound! Great work on this one, very nostalgic :)


I like the key change! I almost felt like the melody sat a little lower in the mix than it should or the chords could be brought down a tad. I enjoy the simple nature of it though, the song is very sweet and sparkly. Sounding good dude!

Kassich responds:

Thanks for listening! I totally agree with your comment about the melody levels... probably should have brought that up!

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I dig the concept's surreal and psychedelic nature. It's not the prettiest thing i've looked at but i like the otherworldy world building like stepping into another dimension on LSD. Cool work!

Excellent! I assume you've seen the animated film already, if not its definitely worth a watch. One of my favorites, i hope they make a sequel eventually.

JabberHawk responds:

Oh I've seen the animated series alright, and yes I hope so too.

Stunning! Really great work

Sabretooth2611 responds:

Thank you :3

Wannabe Video Game Music Composer from Canada. For hire, DM or Contact me at ParanoidHuman0id@yahoo.ca for any music inquiries

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